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  • The Big Mortal Kombat Gameplay Write Up Pt. 1 – Why it Rules

    The Big Mortal Kombat Gameplay Write Up Pt. 1 – Why it Rules

    And no, jerks, it’s not the gore, the graphics, or the fatalities…Well, maybe a little There’s an obvious truth that, aside from Smash Brothers and probably arena fighting games based on popular properties like Naruto, there is nary a more popular mainstream fighting game than Mortal Kombat. It appears regularly on year-end bestsellers lists, and […]

  • Run It Back! – Mortal Kombat (2011) Pt. 2

    Run It Back! – Mortal Kombat (2011) Pt. 2

      So I should probably apologize for the lateness of this follow-up. I’ve been distracted for a while with some new ventures, including a less FGC-centric series of articles that I have been trying to get up and running. But I’m back, and I want to continue talking about my experience with MK9 and how […]

  • Run It Back! – Mortal Kombat (2011) Pt. 1

    Run It Back! – Mortal Kombat (2011) Pt. 1

    Ever since I was a kid, I have always found great joy in solving problems. Whether it be a math word problem, a puzzling new word that I couldn’t decipher, or a particularly challenging video game, I yearned for the chance to solve it, to overcome what seemed exceptionally difficult. Cut to today, and I […]

  • Loose Screws – Why Are We So Afraid of New Blood?

    So the other day, as usual when I’m thinking of ideas for this blog, I began cruising general FGC Twitter accounts in the hopes of stumbling upon something that would be enough to rocket me into a writing frenzy. I was not disappointed! David “UltraDavid” Graham, one of the rare non-active competitors who acts as […]

  • Money For Nothing Pt. 2 – Video X Games 2013

    Money For Nothing Pt. 2 – Video X Games 2013

    “Da Beech.” In two words, I have summed up the extent of the talking points about why I or any other average tournament goer should attend the Video X Games tournament on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. Well, that’s being a little disingenuous, but that phrase became an iconic part of the FGC for […]

  • When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong – “You’re Biting the Hand That Feeds”

    When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong – “You’re Biting the Hand That Feeds”

    As a youngster, I was all over TestYourMight.com. The FGC is full of characters, and forums were the ultimate haven for loud personalities to shine, thanks to the anonymity of the internet. But this kind of digital autobahn isn’t for everyone, and tempers can flare even under the most innocuous of circumstances. Some of the […]

  • Loose Screws – Fetishizing the “Death” of a Game

    Let me start off this post by defining a feeling that many people in the fighting game community are experiencing now but may not quite know how to articulate. From Webster’s Online Dictionary: Schadenfreude n. – Enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others. Schadenfreude has infected the FGC very quickly in the past couple years, and […]

  • Loose Screws – Discourse in the NRS Community

    I was surfing Twitter recently, and I came across a random user tweeting about a game that I follow pretty closely, Street Fighter V. Street Fighter V just released its latest downloadable character, Zeku, and as usual, the circles of the internet that I hang around are on it like sharks on blood. In very much keeping […]

  • Money For Nothing Pt. 1 – Devastation 2011

    I remember vividly the first tournament I ever went to where I took a mild gasp of air and went “Wow, this is a biiigg deal…” It’s October, 2011, in Glendale, Arizona, and I’m gearing up for Devastation 2011, which promises to be one of the biggest fighting game community events outside of the legendary Evolution […]