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  • I Don’t Make ‘Content’

    Most days I conscientiously try to avoid being perceived as ‘pretentious’. It’s a pretty nasty marker in many circles. There’s often a social pressure to present oneself on the internet as the ideal over the real, and no one’s ideal has traits that aren’t cool. But I will be pretentious today, because I’m goddamn sick […]

  • Response to ButtonCheck – To play Neutral, You Have to Actually Check Buttons

    A week or two ago, I got a notification of a tweet of mine being quote retweeted over on Twitter. Surprisingly, it was from ButtonCheck aka Ernesto Lopez Jr., a Texas-based Youtuber whose channel acts as a sort of quick-hit news source for fighting game community-related topics mixed in with some personal commentary. Even stranger, […]

  • Response to Hold Back to Block – Everything is a “Product”

    Response to Hold Back to Block – Everything is a “Product”

    I watched a video the other day, from a group that I’ve enjoyed a lot in the past – Hold Back to Block. If you haven’t seen it, they created a killer documentary on Killer Instinct that is almost required viewing if you’re a fan of fighting games. This is in addition to a ton […]