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  • Arturo Sanchez, Matcherino, and the Slow Heat Death of the FGC

    If I had to find some sort of definition from the collected works of this little hobby of mine, it would be ‘correcting the record’. In today’s world it’s so, so incredibly easy to have to grasp around for truth, to painstakingly carve out a fraction of it from overwhelming noise and innuendo. But even […]

  • I Don’t Make ‘Content’

    Most days I conscientiously try to avoid being perceived as ‘pretentious’. It’s a pretty nasty marker in many circles. There’s often a social pressure to present oneself on the internet as the ideal over the real, and no one’s ideal has traits that aren’t cool. But I will be pretentious today, because I’m goddamn sick […]

  • The View Never Changes – Hitbox and Eternal Stasis

    The View Never Changes – Hitbox and Eternal Stasis

    There are roughly three topics that will always come up in any discourse related to fighting games, and they are all very dull: The first two are boring in the sense that it always seems to devolve into arguing about a weird, Highlander-like future in which there can be only one, which leaves zero room […]

  • This is What Capcom Wants, and They Will Never Stop

    This is What Capcom Wants, and They Will Never Stop

    Capcom certainly kicked off the announcement of Street Fighter 6 with a doozy, eh? For anyone who hasn’t heard, Capcom recently published a long post on the Capcom Pro Tour website that explained, through extensive legal language, the assumed responsibilities of any organizer, no matter how small, who wished to use Street Fighter V at […]

  • Road Diaries – Frosty Faustings, a flint that sparks hope again

    Road Diaries – Frosty Faustings, a flint that sparks hope again

    Living in the valley under the sun, snow isn’t really something you get used to, unless you’re one of those sickos that goes to NAU. As my flight landed at O’Hare a couple weeks back, though, I could see I was in for it. I actually ended up skipping the worst of it by a […]

  • Is Private Equity Coming for the FGC?

    Is Private Equity Coming for the FGC?

    Imagine, if you will, that you’re a screenwriter. You start your career, but you need help. You need someone to fight for you in a shark-infested town. So, you get an agent, who works for one of the three biggest agencies in Hollywood, to get your stuff made. Okay, maybe not so intense. Either way, […]

  • Breaking the Habit

    I have a confession to make: I wasn’t particularly moved to anger at this tweet from the Capcom Fighters account This was far from the fawning praise of the infamous Evo tweet which included the full video of the celebration afterwards, just a still image noting the fact that Seon-Woo “Infiltration” Lee won the event […]

  • From Ashes

    From Ashes

    “I knew right away when I agreed to do it. Either everything goes well and we get an investment and I take care of my players, or I’m fucked. I should have trusted my gut.” The sigh proceeding this statement from Jeremy McLamb, known to friends and fans as “Lambzy”, is weary and weighty, encompassing […]

  • The FGC Ban Catalog: Why It Exists

    The FGC Ban Catalog: Why It Exists

    Update 8/10/22: The original Google Doc is no longer accessible publicly. It will be not be made publicly available again. A combination of personal requests, dead links, and a philosophical change are behind why that decision was made. That said, I will leave this post up because it is indicative of my thought process at […]

  • No Ahabs

    No Ahabs

    “Ahab is for ever Ahab, man. This whole act’s immutably decreed. ‘Twas rehearsed by thee and me a billion years before the ocean rolled. Fool! I am the Fates’ lieutenant; I act under orders.” Herman Melville, Moby Dick (CW: Links containing descriptions of sexual harassment, transphobic language, domestic abuse) Over the summer, darkness lurking just […]