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  • Is Private Equity Coming for the FGC?

    Is Private Equity Coming for the FGC?

    Imagine, if you will, that you’re a screenwriter. You start your career, but you need help. You need someone to fight for you in a shark-infested town. So, you get an agent, who works for one of the three biggest agencies in Hollywood, to get your stuff made. Okay, maybe not so intense. Either way,…

  • Confronting Labor Abuse in Communities

    Confronting Labor Abuse in Communities

    CW: Links to stories of sexual abuse An owner that doesn’t want to pay the staff that organizes for him, let alone refer to them as “employees,” because “then I have to treat it like a business.” Management that sacks an employee the day after booking them a flight to a foreign event, forcing them…

  • Insert Coin to Continue

    Insert Coin to Continue

    I heard a great story once: It’s California in the late 30’s. A lawyer, fresh out of Duke University School of Law, is trying his first case in the Los Angeles Municipal Court. It’s nothing too serious – a civil case over some money owed. But what should be simple turns sour when the lawyer…