Black Lives Matter

Due to the wealth of research I did for this earlier piece about Florida’s Volusia County and its police’s history of violence, I have a better understanding now of the damage that a horrible police culture can inflict on Black communities. The sad truth is that same story has taken place all over America for […]

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It *Is* That Deep

It is the ubiquitous phrase you see used across social media whenever someone posts about something that offended them: “It ain’t that deep.” Naturally, it implies that whomever was offended is simply looking way too far past the intent of whatever was posted and is overreacting. The most common place you’ll see this is on […]

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The Echoes of Silence

“If you just ignore it, will it eventually go away!” This canard, best used to distract children who are crying about their sibling making faces, has taken on a new meaning as we all are increasingly more online. Social media demands that its users engage one another, and there is no better engagement than tapping […]

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Insert Coin to Continue

I heard a great story once: It’s California in the late 30’s. A lawyer, fresh out of Duke University School of Law, is trying his first case in the Los Angeles Municipal Court. It’s nothing too serious – a civil case over some money owed. But what should be simple turns sour when the lawyer […]

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Fighting the Rot in the Fighting Game Community Pt. 2 – Star Players and Power Imbalances

A couple weeks ago, I published the first of multiple blog posts which looked to examine how the fighting game community (FGC), as a whole, was uniquely served to set up situations of abuse and harassment, largely in response to a wave of incidents that have come to light in the recent month. The initial […]

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